About me

My name is Fede.

I think that life is a great gift and so I want to live fully in the best way as possible so that's the reason why I think it's important to have a strong healthy body to face up to all the situations in life.

 My motto is: be the best version of you everyday. In my opinion, the secret to being the best version of me is of course to be fit, eat well, love my body and put my soul into doing what I love: fitness, sport and dance.

I started dancing ballet at 4 years old and I progressed to contemporary, hip-hop, modern-jazz, belly-dance and burlesque. At 14 years old I started going to the gym in order to improve my strength and to lose a bit of weight (I studied a lot , I ate pasta and I had a typical mediterranean body... so it was so easy for me to put weight on). Gym helped me lose weight and I felt to so good everyday after my workout that I decided that in the future I would love to be a fitness instructor to help people love their body and to have fun with enjoyable lessons.  So when I was 19, I studied languages at the university and at the same time I attended a fitness formation during the week ends in Turin. When I was 20 I started teaching ballet to children, teaching total-body and Zumba in the gym and I helped people lose weight with specific personalised programs. I continue studying, doing workshops and obtaining certifications. I became a ZIN, (ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR NETWORK) and I attended some specific courses in nutrition. I have danced in music videos for artists such as famous Zumba musician "El Chevo" and I have taught dance and Zumba in gyms in Aosta Valley, in Puglia and in Milan (Italy) but also in London and in France.

I love testing new things and to be up to date with the last fitness and food innovations. That's why in 2014 I created a fitness class called “Cardio Jump”, a class with trampolines where I mix rebound with fitness, yoga positions and dance choreographies. This is an amazing class to lose weight, destroy cellulite, improve micro circulation, balance and coordination. This class mixes cardio, tonification and stretching.


  • YOGA
  • HIIT


  • Classical Ballet teacher
  • Fitness instructor Certification Level 1-2-3
  • Zumba Instructor
  • Psychology of Nutrition workshop
  • First Aid Certification
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • ISSA personal trainer
  • ISSA nutritional personal trainer

Any questions? Call me! 07780043801