Personal trainer services:


Personal trainer sessions in persona are made for people that need to be followed, that need motivation, support and help achieving their aims.

PT. services are made in different way:

  1. Pt session at home, The pt can come at your place (remind that in this case there will be a surplus on the normal price depending on the travel distance)

  2. Pt in the Studio, Hanger Lane Station ( Contact me for the exact adress )

  3. Pt in a public area (park, gym, road etc..)


PT sessions Virtuals, is a service that offers support for people want to achieve goals but that have not time for meeting the coach. In this case you will receive weekly your workout personalised paper planning, (with an extra of 7 pounds you will receive the videos if you prefer), you can contact your coach through whats app for questions and suggestions in anytime you want. Weekly checking of results are made through phone, video calls or whats app.


Nutritional Planning.


For achieving better results is not only about sport but a correct diet is essential. This service offers you the possibility to achieve your aims in a easy way. You will explain your aims, your habits, your preferences to your coach that will prepare for you a nutritional planning customised for your exigences. You will have a complete weekly planning, with recipe and suggestions of meals.

You can access for free at the recipe virtual book with many fitrecipe easy and tasty, you can contact your coach in anytime for doubts, supports or suggestions.


Private classes


If you are passionate about : Yoga, Barre Fitness, pilates, stretching and you want to improve your skills in a nice, private atmosphere or you have the same aims of your friends and you want to workout together (if you want a bum workout, or core and abs..) the private classes are your solutions:

  • Private classes (max of 4 people, minimum 2) are little groups of person with the same aims and level that want to improve their skills.

  • The price of Private Classes is 15 pounds for 45 minutes class.

  • You will be completely followed by the coach till the beginning to the end.


Group Classes in the park or in the studio.


Group classes for toned your body, losing weight, improving endurance in the park or in the studio: 8 pounds each.

Maximum of 15 people, minimum 4.